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"I have spent many hours with Carrie while teaching cello and have always found the way she works with student quite incredible. Always happy, always pushing, and always trying to make everyone and everything around her better. No matter who you are, you will do well in Carrie's care."
- Shannon Houston 
(Music Teacher at Berkley Unified)

I teach cello lessons to students of all ages at my studio in Davis, California as well as online. My
curriculum emphasizes musical theory, literacy, ear training, and performance technique. Each
student learns a solid foundation of skill through scales, exercises, posture work, and dedicated
practice of the classical repertoire.
Critical to my educational philosophy is the premise that teaching is not a "one size fits all";
proposition. Each student must be met at the place of their highest interest and greatest needs. That
foundation allows my students to pursue their musical interests to the fullest extent possible, no
matter where they are in their musical journey.

"I've learned so much from her in a very short period of time. She is cheerful and supportive, while remaining constructive and methodical in her pedagogy. Her love for cello and her passion for teaching are present in every lesson. I recommend her without hesitation."
- Mark (Current Student)

Teaching During The Pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed life for us all. The outbreak has forced educators of all kinds to adapt and ask their students to adapt with them. I have been hearted to witness the patience and understanding of my students as the weeks of these restrictions have turned to months and as the months approach of year of departure from our "normal" lives.

However, a musical education is no less enriching amidst these hardships. In order to prioritize the safety of my students, my family, and myself, I have implemented new safeguards and policies for students in my studio.

  • Students must maintain 6 feet of distance

  • Students must wear face masks

  • Parents are allowed to sit in so long as they observe the previous rules

  • Studio doors will remain open to avoid unnecessary surface contact (when weather permits)

For students interested in distance education, I am conducting lessons, including first time lessons, over teleconferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Students will need:

  • a device capable of teleconferencing, i.e. laptop or mobile device capable of standing freely

  • a wireless headset

  • (recommended) An external USB microphone

  • Younger students may require a parent or guardian present to help them with technical issues that arise


  • Lessons 

    • $65 / hour

    • $50/ 45 min 

    • $35/ 30 min 

  • Cancellations

    • At request, I will try to schedule a makeup lesson within a week of the missed lesson. If the lesson cannot be rescheduled within a week it will be treated as a cancellation and payment will be owed. 

    • I do not teach on weekends.

    • Make-up lessons may need to be online. 

    • For lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson, full payment is required.

  • Payment

    • Please pay at the beginning of each month

    • Payment ​must be submitted by the last lesson of the month

    • Cash, Check, Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, and PayPal are accepted

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